The Road Ahead....

Tonight, we play the first of the last of two shows we have left scheduled and probably the last we'll play for a while. Life is happening. I'm preparing for the for the biggest gig of my life, fatherhood. The possible hiatus is indefinite. It may be weeks or even a couple of months. 

We just want to thank JC Fredrickson of Red Light Studios and Kevin Bredall of The Grittys for playing bass with us these shows this year. If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't have had any shows this year. 

Come celebrate with us these last two shows. We'll be sure to keep it jammy and keep it Spartacus.

Until next time, kiddos 

- Kris 

5/23 Johnny's in Lompoc w/ One Drop

5/30 Outlaws in Camarillo w/ The Grittys and Jacky Bui